15 Jan


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12 May

Differences between the many types of rug pads

The benefits that the correct rug pad can offer both to you and your carpet are many. However, the wrong choice of rug pad can often have the opposite effect in that it can speed up the wear and tear that the carpet receives or even cause some damage of its own. Because of this, all carpet owners should educate themselves as well as possible before choosing a rug pad that they will use for their carpet.
When getting a rug pad, you should know exactly what you need from it as well as what it’s made from. These factors all play a part in how well, as well as how long, the pad in question will serve you. In general, quality tends to be the primary consideration as most responsible carpet owners won’t want to get a rugpad made with cheap, subpar materials that are meant to save the manufacturer some money. These mass-produced rug pads, most often made with foam scraps bound together with chemicals, don’t last very long and also put your carpet at a constant risk of becoming stained. This staining occurs once the rug pad begins leaking some of the chemicals that were used in its manufacture onto the carpet, usually creating a yellow stain that will likely make you throw away your carpet.

This can be disasterous if you own an expensive carpet or one you hold dear, such as one that was passed onto you from previous generations. Even if you own a regular carpet that didn’t cost too much, you shouldn’t put it at risk of ruin by equipping it with a low quality rug pad. Instead, always look to get the best rug pad available to you, like the ones that are manufactured by Mohawk Rug Pads. This will tend to greatly increase the carpet’s lifespan on top of ensuring that you receive all of the benefits associated with having the right rug pad.
These benefits are numerous but are generally divided among different rug pads. This means that, before choosing your rug pad, you should be mindful of the location of your carpet and what amount of wear and tear it’s likely to find itself under. For example, carpets in high-traffic areas and ones that are under furniture are at a much higher risk of damage than the ones generally used in rooms in which most of the walking is shoeless. Therefore, your choice of rug pad should reflect your carpet’s location in order to provide you with the very best value for your money.
If your carpet isn’t accumulating a lot of wear and tear and isn’t under any heavy furniture, you will probably want a rug pad that provides comfort and cushioning instead of one that offers durability and support. Prime foam rug pads make for some of the best choices for those wanting their carpets to offer them an extra layer of cushioning. A thick prime foam rug pad made by a quality manufacturer like Mohawk Rug Pads will make the time you, your family and friends spend on the carpet much more pleasant, especially during the cold days when many find that the floor is unbearably cold and the carpet isn’t offering enough protection from it.noble-house-pebble-effect-rug-NH3545-beige-brown
While a single rug pad can offer cushioning as well as temperature and sound insulation, it isn’t likely to do much in the face of a lot of traffic being done by people in footwear with hard soles. In fact, equipping such a rug pad under a carpet in a high-traffic area might not only leave your carpet at the mercy of the constant traffic but might also end up destroying the rug pad itself, doubling your losses as you wish you were more careful when choosing your rug pads.
Instead, look to get a durable rug pad that was meant to withstand heavy and constant burdens through the use of sturdy materials. This rug pad will also need to be fairly thick in order to properly support the traffic in the face of all the traffic and, in some cases, heavy furniture.
Always take your time to study the different kinds of rug pads out there and how well they go with the type of material your carpet was made from. This will avoid any unfortunate incidents where you wound up with an additional expense due to lack of research on your part.

01 Jun

Memory Foam Rug Pads

Rug pads are made with the utmost care and precision to bring the users the best in quality. They are made to add comfort to the home and to protect the rugs that are placed on it. Rug pads are an excellent investment for anyone who buys one. They are soft, thick, insulated and easy to clean. They are made for protecting floors and rugs and are often underestimated because they are not renowned.
Rug pads are made from all sorts of materials. Of course some manufacturers cut corners and use chemicals and glues to make them last longer and stick together for a longer lasting period of time, but most of the rug pads are made from 100% natural materials. Some of them are recycled materials and heat pressed to let them fuse together. Rubber, felt, vinyl and foam are the main components of making a rug pad.

They vary in design and shape, all of them made for different floors and different rugs. Some of them are made for handmade rugs, others are  made for mass produced rugs and some are made for different sorts of floor, varying in function and variety.
The best rug pads are the ones that last longer and are free from chemicals and adhesives that damage them.
When buying a rug pad, it is important to know what each rug pad does. Rubber rug pads are excellent for gripping the floor while felt rug pads hold on to the carpet firmly. Thicker rug pads made of jute are excellent for concrete flooring and felt – rubber rug pads are best for marble flooring.
Foam rug pads are perfect for comfort. Adding cushioning to the rug to make it perfect for sitting on and stepping on is one of the best features of a foam rug pad. It keeps the furniture from crushing the fine make of the rug or adding pressure to the rug. It is a state of the art, designed to perfection accessory that makes the rugs a soft and comfortable place to sit on.
Features of a Memory Foam Rug Pad:
A memory foam rug pad is made from foam that slowly moulds itself to the shape of the footprint or body sitting or lounging on the rug. It cradles the pressure and yet retains its shape once the pressure is removed from it.

Memorizes the pressure – The most prominent feature of a rug pad made from memory foam is that it ‘memorizes’ the shape of the body or foot or even the furniture. It changes as the heat from the body is applied to it and soon it has a firm hold and gives perfect comfort to the rug and the person on it.
If furniture is placed on the rug, it will also give it good support and give in to the pressure. This sensitivity makes sure that the furniture doesn’t sit awkwardly balanced. The furniture will not jolt whenever someone sitting on it moves, it will stay in place even if only a small part of it is on a rug with a rug pad underneath.
Heat Retention – A memory foam rug pad is activated with heat is pressed to it. The heat slowly makes the foam ‘melt’ into a comfortable position so that the hard floor will not cause discomfort to the person sitting on it. It is so soft and sensitive to touch that the rug will be treated with delicacy. The best in memory foam technology lets the rug pad support the furniture on it as well.
Buying a rug pad is an important decision because it lasts for so long. Buying a rug pad with memory foam in it is easy. Since it is heat pressed and not glued together, it can work well for all floors. A memory foam rug pad will cushion the floor as well, its softness adding to the protection of the floor finish as well. It will not lose it grip on the carpet so it will not slide off to scratch the floor.
Memory foam rug pads are ideal for oriental rugs or hand woven rugs. Since it is so soft and sensitive it can hold onto delicate rugs without harming them. All oriental rugs have a knot at the end and it is vital to keep this knot from opening otherwise the entire rug will unravel and open up before there is a chance to do anything to save it. The rug pad will keep this from happening and extend the life of the rug as well as take care of the floor.
A memory foam rug pad is the best pad for giving comfort and care to the user, floor and furniture. It is so sensitive to heat and pressure, it will care for everything placed on it and give them support and relief without damaging itself.

07 Oct

What would work best for your rugs and rug pads

Rugs, and of course, quality rug pads built for your specific set of needs, as we all know, can really tie a room together. The right rug can make you want just want to be in a certain room because you like the vibe that it gives off. The wrong rug can really kill the vibe of a room and make it look a lot worse that it really is. To give your house or apartment the look and feel that you really want, the one that feels like home and is hospitable to guests, then you will need a few pointers on how to choose the best rug.
The make sure you get the right rug for your room, you could always get one custom made. But that commands a very high price that is necessary to incur, especially when you consider that there are plenty of rugs available from the store that will work great for your needs. The standard sizes from the stores are 12 x 14, 9 x 12, 8 x 10, 6 x 9, 5 x 8, and 4 x 6, among a few other odd sizes. These should work for pretty much any room you have. Nonetheless, you will need to get out the old measuring tape and figure out exactly how big of a rug you need before you go to the store. Do not get an area rug that will exactly fit the available floor space in your room. Get one that will leave a few inches on all sides. However, be cautios of sliding with area carpets. You might want to get a rug pad to ensure that the carpet stays in place, and the best material to prevent this is often felt, making felt mixed with natural rubber rug pads likely your best choice.

The rugs that will work best for you make not come in the shape that you need right away. For example, your furniture may be arranged in a square pattern or your room may be in the shape of a square. You can either order a custom rug that will exactly fill the space you need, or you can get a broadloom and have it cut to the size that you need. Another tip that you should keep in mind is that your rug has to be coordinated with the furniture that you have in your room. If you are trying to put a rug in a room that already has furniture, from a technical standpoint, you will want a dense rubber rug pad under your carpet to prevent any indentations from the furniture occurring on the rug. As for the looks, it is best to take a pillow or a cushion with you to the store so you can be sure it matches. A photo can work, but it is best to have the real thing because that way the colors will match up exactly as you want.
One thing about rugs that may seem counterintuitive is that price is not necessarily a reflection of quality. It is possible that a rug costing around a thousand dollars works a lot better in your room than a rug costing in the ten thousand dollar range. Be prepared to spend more if that is the best option, but just keep an open mind about the items towards the lower end of the price spectrum, and remember that quality rubber rug pads, especially those made with natural rubber, can also have a price that is high for some. Finally, choose a store that will deliver the rug to your house or apartment even lay it out for you at no extra cost.

15 May

Why you can’t ignore quality when choosing a rug pad

Are you among the carpet owners who aren’t even aware that rug pads exist and that you should, more than likely, be using them? If you, you should do your best to educate yourself on the different types of rug pads and the different forms of benefit they offer. A rug pad is a type of padding that is meant to increase the lifespan of your carpet by providing constant support as well as making your life easier by providing additional utility depending on what you need.
Not all rug pads are the same as they vary not only in quality but also their use. To start things off, it’s best to mention that rug pads of low quality can be dangerous to a carpet because they will not only provide the appropriate level of protection but can also stain or even damage it. Even a quality rug pad can sometimes cause damage to a carpet if the material of the rug pad and the fabric that the carpet was made from don’t go together well.
Worse yet, a low quality rug pad can leak some of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process and create a conspicuous yellow stain that becomes impossible to remove, forcing the carpet owner to replace their carpet entirely. Many look to avoid such an incident by purchasing a rug pad that is made from natural fibers or natural rubber. Most top rug pad vendors like Mohawk Rug Pads will lean heavily towards offering exactly these types of rug pads, as they are not only made with the absence of threatening chemicals but are also often eco-friendly in that they can be recycled easily.

Trying to save money by buying a cheaper rug pad definitely has its appeal, as a rug pad is an expense most carpet owners weren’t aware they will need to make. This expense becomes especially pronounced with carpet owners who have a great deal of large carpets. Should they look to equip each of them with a quality rug pad, it can potentially end up costing them a lot of money that they aren’t ready or able to pay. However, buying a quality rug pad should be seen as an investment as rug pads will increase the longevity of your carpet considerably, meaning that you will get to use a carpet you would have to replace much longer and potentially even be able to pass it onto future generations.
Once the question of quality is out of the way, you should consider exactly what you need your rug pad to offer and what utility you feel is missing. Rug pads are bought depending on the type of carpet and where it will be. For example, a carpet in a place like a hallway that is seeing a lot of traffic on a daily basis over a prolonged period of time will benefit most from a sturdy and dense rug pad underneath it. When made with quality materials like frothed foam or flat rubber, this rug pad will provide a great deal of additional support to the carpet and prevent it from becoming worn down by all the footsteps, especially those made with the hard soles that shoes tend to have.Home-Decorating-with-area-rugs1
Conversely, those with carpets that aren’t seeing a lot of traffic will generally not be worried about wear and tear as much as they will about the rug pad providing them some benefits that will make their life easier and more pleasant. An example of this could be a carpet in the children’s room that your kids play on. In such a case, a soft and cushy rug pad will make any time spent on the carpet much more pleasurable by not only offering cushioning but also providing temperature insulation during the cold days.
A quality manufacturer of rug pads like the Mohawk Rug Pads company will always readily offer all sorts of different rug pads based on the different needs that their customers have. If the rug pad vendor you are buying from doesn’t have the rug pad you need, don’t hesitate to look for another one as you should never settle for a rug pad of lesser quality or one that doesn’t fulfill its purpose.

12 Jul

Outdoor Rug Pads

Rug pads are designed of many natural materials. They are made to withstand pressures inside the home, on different floors and surfaces. Most of them are designed for the kitchen and bathrooms, even basements. But Durahold rug pads are also designed for the weather outside.
Outdoor rug pads are not only a good feature to have on your patio, they are also very useful. They can keep all sorts of rugs, even bamboo rugs safe from slipping off when the winds are soaring. Of course it depends on the sort of weather you experience, but it holds the rug in place for the most part.
If you have a carpet or rug placed on your patio or veranda, then a rug pad will do those carpets justice. Outdoor rug pads can hang on to the dusty, wet, dry or humid surface of your patios orverandas easily. They can withstand rain damage, sun damage and even humidity. They will not grow mildew or break apart in dry weather. And they will function properly and without problem.




How are they different?
Outdoor rug pads are often made from vinyl and have a polyester outer coating. It has a tougher exterior than the rug pads used in the home and are more durable that way. They will not break apart outside or deteriorate in the harsh terrain. They are tougher and thicker so that they can keep up against the water pressure and harsher weather.
They are not only good for the rugs on your patio, they can also be used inside. Outdoor rug pads are often used for concrete floors or in basements. Since they are more durable, they can take pressure well.
They are not vulnerable to wearing and tearing and can definitely stand their own against water. If they are submerged in it for a lengthy amount of time, it will not damage them. All you would have to do is sundry them.
These rug pads add style to your outdoor sitting area. They keep your rug in place so even if you are sitting by the pool side, you do not need to worry. Under the direct sun, the rug pad will not discolour. It will remain safe even after a good sun bathing.
Outdoor rug pads have a no slip feature which means it prevents the rug from slipping from its place. Moreover, no matter how much weight is put in it, unless deliberately cut or damaged, it will not give in to natural pressure.
The tiles and flooring underneath are also completely safe from damage. It will keep the rug in place and keep the flooring safe from harm.
Outdoor rug pads are designed to give your sitting areas the care they need. Often, people have to resort to placing the edges of their furniture on the rugs to keep them in place and consequently, they dent the rug and leave imprints. Since the rug pad can take stress easily, it will not break under pressure and keep the carpet or rug in shipshape whenever you need it.

13 Jan


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30 Jun

Why Choose Hypoallergenic Felt Rug Pads?

Health should be the first priority of everyone. All those factors in the environment that can damage the health should be dealt with on a priority basis. Rugs and felt rug pads are supposed to add comfort to one’s life; however, unfortunately they also result in being the residents of allergens that makes the lives of the owners miserable. The hypoallergenic rug pads adequately address this problem.

Rugs are famous for triggering allergic reactions, which entail symptoms like relentless sneezing, irritation in the body etc. Hypoallergenic felt rug pads are the ones that minimize allergic reactions. These rug pads ensure that the allergens are trapped in them and are not left to circulate in the air. When the allergens do not circulate freely in the environment, they will be less reactive and thus, will minimize the chances of allergy. However, then it becomes indispensable to clean the rug pads regularly, in order to maintain their hypoallergenic quality.
Many of the allergens reside beneath the carpets like mold, instead on top of the rug. In this case, the choice of rug pads can bring heaps of difference in terms of allergic reactions. If the rug is accompanies by a hypoallergenic rug pad, then the probability of allergic reaction tend to increase manifold. Hypoallergenic felt rug pads are moisture resistant, due to which they discourage the growth of allergens in them, like fungi, bacteria and microbes, thus, making their use completely indispensable to combat allergic reactions.
The material from which a rug pad is made determines whether the felt rug pad is hypoallergenic or not. Usually hypoallergenic rug pads tend to be made from natural fibers, which do not emit any chemicals and are odorless. However, certain synthetic materials can also be used which share the same qualities as that of natural fibers and turn out to be hypoallergenic.
Felt rug pads have the added advantage that they could be washed very easily and can be left to dry under the sun. This increases their effectiveness regarding being hypoallergenic. Felt rug pads can be washed conveniently, which ensures that it gets rid of allergens effectively. Furthermore, they can be sun dried. Sunlight has the property of killing bacteria. Therefore, when felt rug pads are exposed to the sun, all the bacteria got killed and it becomes completely free of allergens.


The environment in the contemporary world is becoming highly polluted. Furthermore, the face-paced life style of people had forced them to neglect their diet, which consequently reduces their immunity system. The top reason due to which people are exposed to allergies is because of low immunity. In this kind of environment, need of hypoallergenic felt rug pads has increased more than ever before.